Alphabetical index of printed journals


Title Access Subject
A I & Society Artificial intelligence
A I Magazine Artificial intelligence
Abacus : a journal of accounting, finance and business studies Accounting
Academy of Management Journal Administration
Academy of Management Review, The Administration
Accountancy Accounting
Accounting and Business Research Accounting
Accounting and Finance Accounting
Accounting Historians Journal Accounting
Accounting Horizons Accounting
Accounting in Europe Accounting
Accounting Organizations and Society Accounting
Accounting Perspectives Accounting
Accounting Review Accounting
Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal Accounting
ACM Computing Reviews Computer science
ACM Computing Surveys Computer science/Data processing
ACM Transactions on Database Systems Software/Databases/Programming language
ACM Transactions on Graphics Graphs
ACM Transactions on Information Systems Administration
ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software Software/Databases/Programming language
ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems Software/Databases/Programming language
Acoounting Historians Notebook Accounting
ACTA Informatica Computer science/Data processing
Acta Oeconomica Economic sciences
Administrative Science Quarterly Public administration
Advances in Applied Probability Mathematics
Advances in Computers Computer science/Data processing
Advances in Consumer Research Administration
Advances in Health Economics and Health Services Research Economic sciences
Advertising Age Advertising
Agricultural Economics Production/Industry
Algorithmica: an international journal to computer science Software/Databases/Programming language
American Economic Journal - Applied Economics Economic sciences
American Economic Journal - Economic Policy Economic sciences
American Economic Journal - Macroeconomics Macroeconomics
American Economic Journal - Microeconomics Production/Industry
American Economic Review and Survey of Members Economic sciences
American Historical Review, The History
American Journal of Agricultural Economics Production/Industry
American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences Mathematics
American Political Science Review Political science
American Scientist Natural sciences
American Sociological Review Sociology/Anthropology
American Statistician Statistics
Annales d' Economie et de Statistique Statistics
Annals of Applied Probability Mathematics
Annals of Applied Statistics Statistics
Annals of Discrete Mathematics Mathematics
Annals of Probability Mathematics
Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics Cooperatives
Annals of Regional Science, The Production/Industry
Annals of Science Natural sciences
Annals of Statistics Statistics
Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics Mathematics
Applied Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence
Applied Economics Economic sciences
Applied Economics Letters Economic sciences
Applied Financial Economics Economic sciences
Applied Financial Economics Letters Economic sciences
Applied Stochastic Models in Βusiness and Industry Mathematics
Archiv fuer die Civilistische Praxis Law
Archiv fuer Rechts und Sozial Philosophie Law
Archive for Mathematical Logic Mathematics
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Artificial intelligence
Asian Economic Journal Economic sciences
ASTIN Bulletin Insurance
Atlantic Economic Journal Economic sciences
Auditing : a journal of practice and theory Accounting
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics Statistics
Behavioral Research in Accounting Accounting
Behaviormetrika Psychology
Biometrical Journal Biology
Biometrics Biology
Biometrika Biology
British Accounting Review Accounting
British Journal of Industrial Relations Labour economics
British Journal of Management Administration
British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology Psychology
British Journal of Political Science Political science
British Tax Review Taxes/Taxation
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity Economic sciences
BtoB Advertising
Bulletin for International Fiscal Documentation Taxes/Taxation
Bulletin of Economic Research Economic sciences
Business History Review Administration
Business Strategy Review Administration
Cahiers de Droit Europeen Law
California Management Review Administration
Cambridge Journal of Economics Economic sciences
Canadian Journal of Economics = Revue Canadieene d' Economie Economic sciences
Canadian Journal of Regional Science = Revue Canadienne des Sciences Regionales Manpower
Canadian Journal of Statistics Statistics
Canadian Tax Journal Taxes/Taxation
Capital and Class Political ideology
Carnegie Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy Production/Industry
Cato Journal, The Welfare State
Chance: new directions of statistics and computing Research
Charter:journal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia Accounting
CMA Management for strategic business ideas (ex CMA Magazine) Accounting
Cognition: international journal of Cognitive Science Psychology
Cognitive Science Artificial intelligence
Columbia Journal of European Law International law
Common Market Law Review Law
Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation (Part B ) Statistics
Communications in Statistics-Theory and methods (Part A) Statistics
Communications of the ACM Computer science/Data processing
Communist and Post Communist Studies Political ideology
Comparative European Politics International relations
Computational Economics Economic theory/Economic system
Computational Intelligence Computer science/Data processing
Computational Linguistics Linguistics
Computational Statistics Mathematics
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis Mathematics
Computer Engineering
Computer Bulletin Computer science/Data processing
Computer Graphics Forum Graphs
Computer Journal Computer science/Data processing
Computers and Operations Research Research methods/Cybernetics
Computers and Security Administration
Computers in Industry Artificial intelligence
Computers Networks (ex Computer Networks and ISDN Systems) Computer science/Data processing
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience Engineering
Contemporary Accounting Research = Recherche Compable Contemporaine Accounting
Contemporary Economic Policy Economic sciences
Contemporary European History History
Contemporary Security Policy International relations
Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition Law
Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review Administration
Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review Administration
Corporate Ownership & Control Economic sciences
Cost Management Economic sciences
Critical Perspectives on Accounting Accounting
Critical Technology Trends (ex Trends Annual) Artificial intelligence
Current History Political ideology
Data and Knowledge Engineering Software/Databases/Programming language
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Computer science/Data processing
Databases for Advances Information Systems Administration
Decision Line: a news publication of the Decision Sciences Institute Administration
Decision Sciences: a journal of Innovative Education Administration
Decision Support Systems Administration
Demographic Yearbook Demography
Diplomacy and Statecraft International relations
Discover Natural sciences
Discrete Mathematics Mathematics
Distributed Computing Computer science/Data processing
Eastern Economic Journal Economic sciences
EC Tax Review Economic sciences
Econometric Theory Economic theory/Economic system
Econometrica Economic sciences
Econometrics Journal, The Economic sciences
Economia Internazionale International ecomomy
Economic Development and Cultural Change Production/Industry
Economic Geography Georgraphy
Economic History Review Economic sciences
Economic Inquiry: journal of the Western Economic Association Economic sciences
Economic Journal Economic sciences
Economic Policy: a European Forum Production/Industry
Economic Quality Control Production/Industry
Economic Record Economic sciences
Economica Economic sciences
Economics and Philosophy Economic conditions
Economics and Politics Economic theory/Economic system
Economics Letters Economic theory/Economic system
Economics of Education Review Education
Economics of Transition, The Economic theory/Economic system
Economie Appliquee Economic sciences
Economist, De Economic sciences
Economy and Society Social Sciences
Education for Information Information sciences
Educational Administration Abstracts Educational system
Educational Administration Quarterly Information sciences
Efta Trade International trade
Ekonomia Economic sciences
Electronic Library Libraries
Empirical Software Engineering Software/Databases/Programming language
Employee Relations Labour economics
Energy Economics Natural resources
Energy Journal, The Natural resources
Environment and Development Economics Welfare State
Environmental and Ecological Statistics Welfare State
Environmental and Resource Economics Welfare State
Environmetrics Welfare State
Eurochoices Production/Industry
Europarecht Finance
Europe - Asia Studies History
Europe - Revue Mensuelle International law
European Accounting Review Accounting
European Business Law Review Law
European Competition Law Review Law
European Economic Review Economic sciences
European Employment Review Manpower
European Financial Management Administration
European Foreign Affairs Review International law
European Journal of Industrial Relations Manpower
European Journal of Information Systems Statistics
European Journal of International Management Management
European Journal of Marketing Marketing
European Journal of Operational Research Statistics
European Journal of Political Economy Macroeconomics
European Journal of Population = Revue Europeene de Demographie Statistics
European Journal of the History of Economic Thought Economic theory/Economic system
European Law Journal Law
European Law Review Law
European Management Journal Administration
European Policy Analysts Law
European Public Law Law
European Review of Agricultural Economics Production/Industry
European Union Review International law
European Urban and Regional Studies Social Sciences
Expert Systems with Applications: an International Journal Artificial intelligence
Expert Systems: the International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Neural Networks Artificial intelligence
Explorations in Economic History Economic sciences
FAO Statistical Yearbook Economic sciences
Finance and Stochastics Finance
Financial Accountability and Management Accounting
Financial Analysts Journal Finance
Financial Management Administration
Finanzarchiv Finance
Fiscal Studies Public debt
Food Policy Production/Industry
Foreign Affairs International relations
Foreign Policy Analysis International relations
Forthcoming International Scientific and Technical Conference Natural sciences
Future Generation Computer Systems Computer science/Data processing
Futures Production/Industry
Games and Economic Behavior Mathematics
Geneva Papers of Risk and Insurance Insurance
Global Governance Political science
Government and Opposition Political science
Group Decision and Negotiation Administration
Harvard Business Review Administration
Harvard Educational Review Education
Harvard Law Review Law
Health Policy, Economics and Management Medical sciences
Health Services Research Medical sciences
Henley Manager Update Law
HERMIS - Hellenic European Research on Mathematics and Informatics Mathematics
History of Political Economy Law
Hospitals and Health Networks Law
HR MAGAZINE -Personel Administration Medical sciences
Human Resource Management Medical sciences
Human Resource Planning Medical sciences
IBM Journal of Research and Development Engineering
IBM Systems Journal Engineering
IEE Proceedings Software Engineering Software/Databases/Programming language
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Graphs
IEEE Engineering Management Review Engineering
IEEE Intelligent Systems and their Applications Engineering
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications Engineering
IEEE Software Software/Databases/Programming language
IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering Engineering
IEEE Transactions on Communications Engineering
IEEE Transactions on Computers Computer science/Data processing
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory Research methods/Cybernetics
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Computer science/Data processing
IEEE Transactions on Reliability Engineering
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering Software/Databases/Programming language
IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics Research methods/Cybernetics
IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics, Part Α: Systems and humans Research methods/Cybernetics
IFLA Journal Information sciences
IMF Economic Review
Industrial and Labour Relations Review Manpower
Industrial Management Production/Industry
Industrial Marketing Management Marketing
Industrial Relations : a journal of economy and society Manpower
Industrial Relations Journal Manpower
INFOR Information Systems and Operational Research Administration
Information and Management Administration
Information and Software Technology Software/Databases/Programming language
Information Economics and Policy Production/Industry
Information Processing and Management: an international journal Libraries
Information Processing Letters Computer science/Data processing
Information Services and Use Information sciences
Information Systems Libraries
INFORMS Journal on Computing Research methods/Cybernetics
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics Insurance
Intelligence : new visions of A I in practice Mathematics
Intelligence in Industry Engineering
Intelligent Enterprise Computer science/Data processing
Intelligent Software Strategies Engineering
Interfaces Administration
Internal Auditor Accounting
International Affairs International relations
International and Comparative Law Quarterly International relations
International Business and Economic Research Journal Economic sciences
International Economic Journal Economic conditions
International Economic Review Economic sciences
International Financial Law Review Commercial law
International Journal of Accounting Accounting
International Journal of Bank Marketing Finance
International Journal of Conflict Management Administration
International Journal of Educational Management Administration
International Journal of Educational Research Educational system
International Journal of Forecasting Economic sciences
International Journal of Game Theory Mathematics
International Journal of Geographical Information Science Engineering
International Journal of Government Auditing Public administration
International Journal of Human Computer Studies Research methods/Cybernetics
International Journal of Human Resource Management, The Manpower
International Journal of Industrial Organization Labour economics
International Journal of Information Management Administration
International Journal of Intelligent Systems Artificial intelligence
International Journal of Knowledge and Learning Administration
International Journal of Management Reviews Administration
International Journal of Manpower Manpower
International Journal of Market Research: the journal of the Market Research Society Administration
International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management Transportation
International Journal of Political Economy Political science
International Journal of Power and Energy Systems Engineering
International Journal of Technology Management Administration
International Labour Review Labour economics
International Marketing Review Marketing
International Migration Review Migration
International Organization International law
International Peacekeeping International relations
International Political Science Abstracts = Documentation Politique Internationale Political science
International Regional Science Review Welfare State
International Review of Applied Economics Economic sciences
International Review of Economics Economic sciences
International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law Invention/Pantent
International Review of Law and Economics International law
International Security International relations
International Spectator Political science
International Statistical Review Statistics
International Studies Perspectives International relations
International Studies Quarterly International relations
International Studies Review International relations
International Tax and Public Finance Public economics
Intertax Public debt
Jahrbuecher fuer Nationaleconomie und Statistik Economic sciences
Journal du Droit International International law
Journal of Accountancy Accounting
Journal of Accounting and Economics Economic conditions
Journal of Accounting and Public Policy Accounting
Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance Accounting
Journal of Accounting Education Accounting
Journal of Accounting Literature Finance
Journal of Accounting Research Accounting
Journal of Advertising Research Advertising
Journal of Agricultural Biological and Environmental Statistics Welfare State
Journal of Agricultural Economics Production/Industry
Journal of Algorithms Mathematics
Journal of Applied Business Research Administration
Journal of Applied Corporate Finance Banking
Journal of Applied Econometrics Economic sciences
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology Geology/Ydrology/Meteorology
Journal of Applied Probability Mathematics
Journal of Applied Psychology Psychology
Journal of Applied Statistical Science Mathematics
Journal of Applied Statistics Mathematics
Journal of Automated Reasoning Artificial intelligence
Journal of Banking and Finance Finance
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making Administration
Journal of Business Administration
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics Economic sciences
Journal of Business Law Law
Journal of Business Research Administration
Journal of Business Venturing Production/Industry
Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting Accounting
Journal of Classification Mathematics
Journal of Climate Geology/Ydrology/Meteorology
Journal of Combinatorial Designs Mathematics
Journal of Common Market Studies Production/Industry
Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics International relations
Journal of Comparative Economics Economic sciences
Journal of Computer and System Sciences Engineering
Journal of Conflict Resolution Sociology/Anthropology
Journal of Consumer Research Marketing
Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance Accounting
Journal of Corporate Finance Finance
Journal of Derivatives Finance
Journal of Development Economics Production/Industry
Journal of Development Studies Social Sciences
Journal of Documentation Libraries
Journal of Econometrics Economic sciences
Journal of Economic Asymmetries Economic sciences
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control Economic sciences
Journal of Economic Education Economic sciences
Journal of Economic Growth Economic sciences
Journal of Economic History Economic sciences
Journal of Economic Integration International ecomomy
Journal of Economic Issues Economic sciences
Journal of Economic Literature Economic sciences
Journal of Economic Methodology, The Economic sciences
Journal of Economic Perspectives Economic sciences
Journal of Economic Surveys Economic sciences
Journal of Economic Theory Economic theory/Economic system
Journal of Economics Economic theory/Economic system
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics Education
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management Natural resources
Journal of European Economic History Economic sciences
Journal of European Industrial Training Personnel management
Journal of European Integration International relations
Journal of European Social Policy International relations
Journal of Evolutionary Ecοnomics Economic sciences
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intellegence (JETAI) Artificial intelligence
Journal of Finance Finance
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis Administration
Journal of Financial Economics Economic sciences
Journal of Financial Markets Finance
Journal of Financial Research, The, Economic theory/Economic system
Journal of Financial Statement Analysis Accounting
Journal of Fixed Income, The Administration
Journal of Forecasting Administration
Journal of Futures Markets Investment
Journal of General Management Administration
Journal of Governance and Regulation Law
Journal of Graph Theory Mathematics
Journal of Higher Education Curriculum
Journal of Human Resources Labour economics
Journal of Income Distribution Economic theory/Economic system
Journal of Industrial Economics Economic sciences
Journal of Information Science Libraries
Journal of Information Technology Information sciences
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems Artificial intelligence
Journal of Interactive Marketing Marketing
Journal of International Business Studies Administration
Journal of International Economics Economic sciences
Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting Administration
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money Finance
Journal of International Marketing and Marketing Research Administration
Journal of International Money and Finance Finance
Journal of Japanese Studies Georgraphy
Journal of Labour Economics Labour economics
Journal of Law and Economics Law
Journal of Legal Studies Law
Journal of Librarianship and Information Science Information sciences
Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming Software/Databases/Programming language
Journal of Logic Language and Information Mathematics
Journal of Macroeconomics Macroeconomics
Journal of Management Administration
Journal of Management Information Systems Administration
Journal of Management Studies Administration
Journal of Marketing Marketing
Journal of Marketing Management Administration
Journal of Marketing Research Marketing
Journal of Mathematical Economics Economic sciences
Journal of Monetary Economics Finance
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking Finance
Journal of Multinational Financial Management Administration
Journal of Multivariate Analysis Mathematics
Journal of Nonparametric Statistics Mathematics
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing Computer science/Data processing
Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management Marketing
Journal of Policy Modeling Mathematics
Journal of Political Economy Economic sciences
Journal of Portfolio Management Investment
Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics Economic sciences
Journal of Product and Brand Management Administration
Journal of Product Innovation Management Administration
Journal of Productivity Analysis Production/Industry
Journal of Public Economics Economic sciences
Journal of Public Relations Research Public Relations
Journal of Quality Technology Technology
Journal of Regional Science Production/Industry
Journal of Retailing Marketing
Journal of Risk and Insurance Insurance
Journal of Services Marketing Marketing
Journal of Small Business Management Administration
Journal of Social Policy Social Sciences
Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation Mathematics
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference Statistics
Journal of Strategic Information Systems Administration
Journal of Systems and Software Software/Databases/Programming language
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Marketing
Journal of the ACM Computer science/Data processing
Journal of the American Oil Chemistry Society Natural sciences
Journal of the American Planning Association (JAPA) Public administration
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIS) Libraries
Journal of the American Statistical Association Statistics
Journal of the American Taxation Association Public economics
Journal of the History of Economic Thought Economic conditions
Journal of the History of Ideas Social Sciences
Journal of the Operational Research Society Computer science
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series A)-Statistics in Society Statistics
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series B)-Methodological Statistics
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series C)-Applied Statistics Statistics
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series D)- Statistician, The Statistics
Journal of Time Series Analysis Mathematics
Journal of Transport Economics and Policy Transportation
Journal of Urban Economics Economic sciences
Journal of Visual Languages and Computing Artificial intelligence
Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation Artificial intelligence
Journal of Water Law Law
Journal of World Business Administration
Journal of World Trade International law
Knowledge Management Research and Practice Administration
Kredit und Kapital Finance
Kybernetes Research methods/Cybernetics
Land Economics Land economics
Leadership and Organizational Development Journal, The Administration
Learning and Instruction Educational system
Legal Issues of Economic Integration International law
Library Journal Information sciences
Library Trends Information sciences
Libri Information sciences
Lifetime Data Analysis Research
Linear Algebra and its Applications Mathematics
Lloyd's Law Reports Law
Lloyd's Maritime Commercial Law Quarterly Commercial law
Logistics Today Transportation
Long Range Planning Production/Industry
Machine Learning Engineering
Management Accounting (UK) Administration
Management Accounting Quarterly Administration
Management Accounting Research Accounting
Management International Review Administration
Management Learning Administration
Management Science Administration
Manager Update Administration
Managerial and Decision Economics Personnel management
Manchester School, The Economic sciences
Maritime Economics and Logistics Transportation
Marketing Health Services Marketing
Marketing Management Administration
Marketing Science Administration
Mathematical methods of Operations Research Research methods/Cybernetics
Mathematical Methods of Statistics Mathematics
Mathematical Programming Series A and B Mathematics
Mathematical Social Sciences Mathematics
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation Engineering
Mathematics of Operations Research Administration
Medical Care Medical sciences
Mershon International Studies Review International relations
Metrika Mathematics
Middle East Forum History
Middle East Journal, The International relations
Middle East Report History
Mind and Language Philosophy
MIS Quarterly Administration
MIT Sloan Management Review Production/Industry
Modern Law Review Law
Monthly Labour Review Manpower
Monthly Review Manpower
Multinational Finance Journal Manpower
National Estimator Manpower
National Geographic Georgraphy
National Tax Journal Manpower
Natural Language and Linguistic Theory Manpower
Natural Resources Journal Manpower
Networks: an International Journal Manpower
Neural, Parallel and Scientific Computations Computer science/Data processing
New Generation Computing Computer science/Data processing
New Left Review Economic sciences
New Political Economy Economic sciences
New Review of Applied Expert Systems and Emerging Technologies Artificial intelligence
New Technology Work and Employment Administration
Omega Administration
Open Economics Review International ecomomy
Operations Research- LINTHICUM Administration
Opsearch Administration
Optimization Mathematics
Organization Sciencee Administration
Organizational Dynamics Administration
Outsourced Logistics, 2009 Transportation
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics Economic sciences
Oxford Development Studies Production/Industry
Oxford Economic Papers Economic sciences
Oxford Review of Economic Policy Production/Industry
Papers in Regional Science Economic sciences
PAR - Public Administration Review Public administration
Parallel Computing Computer science/Data processing
Parametric World Mathematics
Pattern Recognition Research methods/Cybernetics
Pattern Recognition Letters Computer science/Data processing
PC PLUS Software/Databases/Programming language
Performance Evaluation Computer science/Data processing
Personnel Psychology Psychology
Perspectives on Politics Political science
PHI Product Haftpflicht International Legislation
Political Science and Politics - PS Political science
Population and Development Review Statistics
Post-Soviet Affairs Economic sciences
Probability Theory and Related Fields Mathematics
Production and Inventory Management Journal Administration
PSQ Political Science Quarterly Political science
Psychology and Marketing Sociology/Anthropology
Psychometrika Psychology
Public Administration Quarterly Public administration
Public Choice Economic sciences
Public Finance Public economics
Public Finance Review Insurance
Public Relations Quarterly Public Relations
Public Relations Review Public Relations
Quality and Quantity Social Sciences
Quality Engineering Engineering
Quality Progress Administration
Quality Technology and Quantitative Management Statistics
Quantitative Economics Economic sciences
Quarterly Journal of Economics Economic sciences
R and D Management Administration
Rabels Zeitschrift fuer Auslaendisches und Internationales Privatrect International law
RAIRO - Operations Research - Baltimore Research
RAIRO Informatique Theorique et Applications = Theorical Informations and Applications Research methods/Cybernetics
RAIRO Recherche Operationnelle = Operations Research - LES ULIS Research methods/Cybernetics
RAND Journal of Economics, The Economic sciences
Regional Science and Urban Economics Economic sciences
Regional Studies Public administration
RERU Revue d' Economie Regionale et Urbaine Economic conditions
Research Policy Administration
Resources and Energy Economics Natural resources
Rethinking Marxism Political ideology
Review of Accounting Studies Accounting
Review of Economic Dynamics Economic sciences
Review of Economic Studies Economic sciences
Review of Economics and Statistics Economic sciences
Review of Financial Studies Finance
Review of Income and Wealth Macroeconomics
Review of Industrial Organization Production/Industry
Review of International Economics Economic sciences
Review of International Studies International relations
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting Economic sciences
Review of Radical Political Economics Economic sciences
Revue d' Economie Politique Economic sciences
Revue d' Integration Europeene = Journal of European Integration International relations
Revue d' intelligence Artificielle: RSTI, Serie RIA Computer science/Data processing
Revue de l' Arbitage Law
Revue de Statistique Appliquee Statistics
Revue des Affairs Europeennes International law
Revue des Societes Law
Revue du droit de l' Union Europeeenne International trade
Revue du Marche Commun et de l' Union Europeene Production/Industry
Revue Economique Economic sciences
Revue Francaise de Compabilite Accounting
Revue Francaise de Gestion Administration
Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Europeen Law
Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Commercial et de Droit Economique Commercial law
Revue Urbanisme Sociology/Anthropology
Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets and Institutions Finance
Risk Management and Insurance Review Finance
Sales and Marketing Management Marketing
SANKHYA Series A Statistics
Scandinavian Actuarial Journal Insurance
Scandinavian Journal of Economics Economic sciences
Scandinavian Journal of Management Administration
Scandinavian Journal of Statistics : theory and applications Statistics
Schmalenbachs Business Review Insurance
Schmalenbachs Zeitschrift fuer Betriebswirtschaft Forschung Insurance
Science and Public Policy Administration
Science and Society Natural sciences
Scientific American Natural sciences
Scientometrics Natural sciences
Scottish Journal of Political Economy Economic sciences
Semaine Juridique Law
Sequential Analysis Mathematics
Siam Journal of Mathematical Analysis Mathematics
Siam Journal on Applied Mathematics Mathematics
Siam Journal on Computing Engineering
Siam Journal on Control and Optimization Mathematics
Siam Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications Mathematics
Siam Journal on Scientific Computing Mathematics
Siam Review Mathematics
Significance Statistics
Simulation Research methods/Cybernetics
Small Business Economics : an international Journal Production/Industry
Social Justice Research Public administration
Social Policy and Society Social Sciences
Sociological Methods and Research Sociology/Anthropology
Sociological Spectrum Sociology/Anthropology
Software: practice and experience Software/Databases/Programming language
South African Statistical Journal Mathematics
South-Eastern Europe Journal of Economics Economic sciences
Southern Economic Journal Economic sciences
Soziologische Revue Besprechungen Sociology/Anthropology
Statistica Sinica Statistics
Statistical Methods in Medical Research Research
Statistical Papers Research
Statistical Science Mathematics
Statistician, The Statistics
Statistics and Computing Mathematics
Statistics and Decisions Statistics
Statistics and Probability Letters Statistics
Statistics in Medicine Medical sciences
Statistics: a journal of theoretical and applied statistics Statistics
Stochastic Analysis and Applications Mathematics
Stochastic Models Stochastic Models Stochastic Models Stochastic Models Statistics
Stochastic Processes and their Applications Mathematics
Strategic Finance Accounting
Strategic Management Journal Administration
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics Economic sciences
Studies in Locational Analysis Sociology/Anthropology
Studies in Political Economy Political economy
Studies in Political Economy : a socialist review Political science
Studies in Regional and Urban Planning Economic sciences
Survey of Current Business Production/Industry
Synthese Natural sciences
Systems Research and Behavioral Science Engineering
Teaching Statistics Education
Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Land economics
Technologie und Management = Technology and Management Technology
Technometrics Engineering
Telecommunications Policy Telecommunications
Theoretical Economics Economic sciences
Theory of Probability and its Applications Mathematics
Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics Mathematics
Transportation and Distribution Transportation
Transportation Research : an international journal - Part B : Methodological Transportation
Transportation Research : an international journal - Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review Transportation
Unternehmung, Die Administration
Urban Studies Sociology/Anthropology
Urbanisme Sociology/Anthropology
Washington Quarterly, The International relations
Water Resources Research Geology/Ydrology/Meteorology
Weltwirtschaftliche Archiv = Review of World Economics Economic sciences
West European Politics Political science
World Bank Economic Review Sociology/Anthropology
World Development Sociology/Anthropology
World Development Report Economic sciences
World Economic Outlook Economic sciences
World Politics, 1997- ΠΛ.World Politics, 1997- ΠΛ. International relations
World Today, The International relations
Yearbook of the United Nations Statistics
Zeitschrift fuer Betriebswirtschaft Administration
Zeitschrift fuer Europaesches Privatrecht Private law
Zeitschrift fur Das Gesamte Handlssrecht und Wirtschaftsrecht Law
Zeitschrift fur Unternehmens und Gesellschaffsrecht Taxes/Taxation
Zentralblatt Math Mathematics