Alphabetical index of printed journals

Title Access Subject
Sales and Marketing Management Marketing
SANKHYA Series A Statistics
Scandinavian Actuarial Journal Insurance
Scandinavian Journal of Economics Economic sciences
Scandinavian Journal of Management Administration
Scandinavian Journal of Statistics : theory and applications Statistics
Schmalenbachs Business Review Insurance
Schmalenbachs Zeitschrift fuer Betriebswirtschaft Forschung Insurance
Science and Public Policy Administration
Science and Society Natural sciences
Scientific American Natural sciences
Scientometrics Natural sciences
Scottish Journal of Political Economy Economic sciences
Semaine Juridique Law
Sequential Analysis Mathematics
Siam Journal of Mathematical Analysis Mathematics
Siam Journal on Applied Mathematics Mathematics
Siam Journal on Computing Engineering
Siam Journal on Control and Optimization Mathematics
Siam Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications Mathematics
Siam Journal on Scientific Computing Mathematics
Siam Review Mathematics
Significance Statistics
Simulation Research methods/Cybernetics
Small Business Economics : an international Journal Production/Industry
Social Justice Research Public administration
Social Policy and Society Social Sciences
Sociological Methods and Research Sociology/Anthropology
Sociological Spectrum Sociology/Anthropology
Software: practice and experience Software/Databases/Programming language
South African Statistical Journal Mathematics
South-Eastern Europe Journal of Economics Economic sciences
Southern Economic Journal Economic sciences
Soziologische Revue Besprechungen Sociology/Anthropology
Statistica Sinica Statistics
Statistical Methods in Medical Research Research
Statistical Papers Research
Statistical Science Mathematics
Statistician, The Statistics
Statistics and Computing Mathematics
Statistics and Decisions Statistics
Statistics and Probability Letters Statistics
Statistics in Medicine Medical sciences
Statistics: a journal of theoretical and applied statistics Statistics
Stochastic Analysis and Applications Mathematics
Stochastic Models Stochastic Models Stochastic Models Stochastic Models Statistics
Stochastic Processes and their Applications Mathematics
Strategic Finance Accounting
Strategic Management Journal Administration
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics Economic sciences
Studies in Locational Analysis Sociology/Anthropology
Studies in Political Economy Political economy
Studies in Political Economy : a socialist review Political science
Studies in Regional and Urban Planning Economic sciences
Survey of Current Business Production/Industry
Synthese Natural sciences
Systems Research and Behavioral Science Engineering