On going collaboration between AUEB - Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

On Friday March 8th, KSB's MBA students were hosted by AUEB in the context of the conclusion of their collaboration with five Greek startups.

Once again, Tatiana Kolovou and her team provided KSB students with a unique learning experience of the history, economy and culture of Greece, before committing to studying the five innovative startups and working on interesting strategy questions.

One should highlight the significant contribution of Katerina Pramatari and ACEIn’s AUEB in locating the five Greek companies (Symbeeosis, Tekmon, @EVO Human Performance, Clio Muse Tours, CollegeLink) that worked with graduate students.

Many thanks to the five companies and their senior management for their time and effort, as well as to the AUEB Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.




Last updated: 19 March 2024