«Greece into the European Union», by the MSc in International European Economic Studies in collaboration with Université Paris-Dauphine’s

The MSc in International and European Economic Studies, AUEB in collaboration with the MSc in "International Economics Expertise" of Université Paris-Dauphine's, hosted the event "Greece into the European Union", on Tuesday 22nd of March.


Speaker's presentations:

Dean's Welcome Message| Professor Thomas Moutos

Professor George Pagoulatos| Greece in the EU: The transformative impact of Europeanization

Professor George P. Zanias | Greece and the European Union during the Crisis Years

Associate Professor Spyros Blavoukos | Foreign Policy and Security Integration in the EU: A View from Athens

Professor George Karydis & Special Teaching Staff George Anagnostaras| The dialogue between Greek courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union

Professor Thomas Moutos